CFO Services

CFO  Services

We, GSPU team can provide a part-time or full-time based Virtual CFO service as per Client demands. With our expert professionals we provide a cost-effective service at a reasonable fee in accordance with the scope of assignment.

Understanding the challenges behind a business we provide a strategic CFO timely-effective financial assistance. Our assistance can build a solid base for your business by enhancing the investor wealth and achieving business goals.

CFO defines the vision, mission, core values, the SWOFT analysis, industrial structure and the analysis of the client, supplier & competitor. Thus for a challenging & dynamic business environment a CFO is very important to be crafted and to be followed. A CFO also ensures the operational strategies, key responsible areas & budget of each department in accordance with the company overall strategies.

Working in shoulder to shoulder with the CEO a CFO should monitor the current market trends & company strategy and ensures root level implementation of strategy.

As Business Partners

By linking Operational Reports & managing the operations for other departments CFO acts as a business partner and enhance the business functionalities & productivities.

Designs the company’s supply chain

A CFO designs a cost effective & competitive decision strategy to buy/make and ensures to properly maintain the relationship with a supplier or a customer.

Introduces digital transformations to the company

CFOs are the authorised individual to handle the financial & operational data to bring them and synthesize them into a single place(a digital tool) and instruct the management the proper functioning & utilisation of it for instant & prompt business functioning.

With the an excellent analysis of the financial performance with the up-to-date financial report,all the strategic issues are noted and discussed with the board/investors and with their acknowledgement appropriate moves budget implementations are done.

Investment Return Maximization

With revenue optimization & cost reduction by enhancing business productivity & efficiency a CFO ensures the maximization of Investment Returns.

Maintains the cash flow of the unit

With proper fund allocation to optimise the Investment Return & avoiding the utilisation of short term funds for long term funds CFO should manage the cash flow of the unit very well. They should effectively utilise the working capital by optimising the working capital recycle. By maintaining a better relationship with banks, investors, financial institutions and reducing capital cost they funds must be raised. By monitoring the proper updates and impacts the apt & best hedging instrument is selected to hedge the foreign currency.

Ensure Company compilation with all applicable Corporate laws

To avoid frauds or risks all internal controls & processes should be ensured by them. They should ensure best practices like benchmarking are used to optimise investment return.

Mergers & Acquisitions

When the company goes to expand through acquisition or mergers CFO should ensure that proper infrastructure is keenly considered including key resources like funds.

Business scalability Globally & Locally

By understanding the business structure with the local market and global advancements a CFO must ensure the business scalability globally & locally.

      • Formulating Business Strategies/Policies & Action Plans.
      • Management of Cash flow & Working Capital
      • Providing business advises as per the requirements to the CEO/Owner.
      • Guidance for TAX matters.
      • Guiding & Monitoring the Accounts Department as per the requirement.
      • Guidance to set up Internal Control processes.
      • Guidance to Draft & Implement SOP.
      • Preparation of MIS report & Analysis of Financial data.
      • Reviewing contracts with Customers, Suppliers, e.t.c
      • Supporting Cost Analysis for Project Accounting & Construction Contracts.
      • Support for preparation & review of Annual budget on continuous basis.
      • Risk Management.
      • Pre-Costing support & Post costing Analysis.
      • Association with and support for handling working capital facility from Banks & Financial Institutions.

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