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Tax Updates for Oman

The Tax Authority has announced the regulations and terms for income tax exemption for all businesses operating in the following the high directives of His

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Fiscal Balance Plan – OMAN

Note : The crucial measures to bring about income generation included in the plan are VAT introduction on 2021 , personal income tax for high


Abstract of VAT’s Executive Decisions

From April, 16 2021 three Executive Decisions under  VAT will come into force.These decisions were published by the Chairman of Tax Authority (TA). After implementing


Facts behind VAT in OMAN

VAT ? VAT has been implemented in more than 160 countries around the world.It is an indirect tax paid & charged at each stage of

Value Added Tax in OMAN

It is confirmed that in the beginning of the year 2021 , Oman will be applying five percent Value Added Tax . In the year