Open Branch Office

Open Branch Office in Oman

If an entity wants to extend its business having the authority & power then the option is to establish an extension. There comes the consideration of Branch Office. The quasi government entity or Omani government entity’s contractual period determines the time period of a Branch office. At the end of the contract the commercial registration ends. No minimum capital is needed for setting such corporate entities.

Required Documents

      • Application form to register the Branch Office.
      • Articles of Association and Memorandum certified copies.
      • Company Establishment Certificate
      • Authorization letter to Branch Manager from Main Office
      • ID Card copies of authorized signatories
      • Agreement copy duly signed by the Omani government to depict contract numbers, commencement and expiry dates


      • Request Submission: The initial step is to submit a request to Investors Services Department mentioning the need for incorporation of a branch office.
      • Application Signing and Submission: Next the duly signed application along with the supporting documents must be submitted.
      • Application Number: Next a computer generated application number along with date of submission is provided to the applicant through the contact details & registered mail.
      • Application Status: Next is the approval or rejection of application.
      • Charges and Certificate: Next the specified charges must be paid by the investor & the certificate must be collected.


      • Parent company handles the liabilities & owns 100% of the branches
      • No minimum capital investment requirement.
      • Less administrative responsibilities.
      • Gateway to starting business in new location
      • Deals with the Omani Government to improve its goodwill

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