Due Dates For Vat Registration And Implementation

The prescribed date for VAT registration in Oman with the Oman Tax authority is between February 1-2021 and March 15- 2021 . This will be carried out in four phases which begins on February 1-2021 and closes on February 28 – 2022. April 16th 2021 is the effective date of VAT implementation in Oman; this will be applicable after the licensees obtain their VAT registration from Oman Tax Authority. The VAT registration will be on the basis of the turnover of licensees in the sultanate. Every supply that is taxable made on or after April 16-2021 will be conditional to VAT for these sections of registrants. They should conform to all regulations of VAT law from the date of implementation of VAT in Oman. In their press release the Oman Tax Authority had explained the due dates for other means of licensees. These dates are on the basis of the turnover of licensees. In their latest press release , the Oman Tax Authority had mentioned the correct time periods for VAT registration in Oman and the dates for VAT implementation. The Oman Tax Authority had planned to implement VAT in Oman in a timely manner. 


Annual taxable turnover from  Annual taxable turnover to  Dates of registration Effective date of implementation
1,000,000 There is no maximum limit  February 1- 2021 to March 15 – 2021 April 16 – 2021
500,000 999,999 April 1- 2021 to May 31-2021 July 1 – 2021
250,000 499,999 July 1-2021 to May 31-2021 October 1- 2021
38,500 249,999 December 1-2021 to February 28- 2021 April 1- 2022
Who all  should  consider  Registering Vat  in Oman?

Every licensee in Oman should confirm their liability of VAT registration on the basis of their taxable turnover. A penalty of OMR 20,000 should be paid by a licensee if he/she fails to do so. If you own a business in Oman, we highly suggest you to identify the taxable turnover of your business and fix a date to apply for VAT registration. 

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